Amateur Video and Today’s News

The video quality was astounding for an amateur. The narration over it along with all the perspective shots left nothing to be desired in the slightest. The civilian uses his experience and the explanation of it to warn future civilian about the power of typhoons, and what to do in case what hits. What they’re options are, and the safest procedures to take. It is not traditional media, but that is not to say that it is not media worthy-because it is. If this event had been covered by a reporter, it would have been very clinical, and statistic driven. However, because it was a civilian, there is a connection to be made between the viewer and the recorder that gives a bigger impact than a regular report would. This video is very different from other amateur videos within catastrophes simply because it has a narration outside the footage and because the footage included has so many different points of view to capture the real essence of the disaster. The video is most unquestionably symbolic of the power of mother nature and the urgency to be knowledgeable about the disaster yours in and how to cope with it and how to react when you are in a worst-case-scenario type of situation like the citizen was in.