Amateur Video and Today’s News

The video quality may leave something to be desired, but what is captured manages to grip you. After all, how often do you find yourself in a similar situation like the filmer? The civilian who was filming the video captured an artist vandalizing museum property at the Perez Art Museum in Miami. From somewhere in the video background, you can hear a woman say, “Don’t touch” as Maximo Caminero, 51, lifts a vase. He then proceeds to drop and shatter a $1 million Ai Weiwei vase. It is not traditional media and it features a slowed down version of the scene. The fact remains that the civilian captured what the media may not have gotten a glimpse of if they were present. The video takes dramatic license by slowing down the clip after showing the standard speed version. While it may be surprising to some that Euronews used the clip anyway, it still tells a story. The artist who was later arrested was said to be protesting that the museum “only displayed international artists.” The video epitomizes the country’s tension when it comes to embracing the work and success of international artists. In that sense, the video is completely media-worthy.