Amateur Video and Today’s News

The quality of the video montage is fairly decent given the nature of the event. Private citizens shot the clips, which is unsurprising given the local evacuations. At certain points, the narration explained the in-the-moment events during Superstorm Sandy. The main purpose of the video montage was to inform the general public about how the storm was affecting communities. The videos were shot by those living across the East Coast, but especially in New Jersey. Although some of the clips are lower quality, they were deemed good enough for the Associated Press to use them. Most of the clips are unnarrated, but one citizen in the first clip discussed how a neighbor’s car was fully submerged. The narrator also spoke about how people on the block decided to wait out the storm in their homes. The multiple snippets proved beneficial because viewers can see different perspectives during the storm. Viewers can also see the difference in how the storm landed across the Eastern Seaboard. The clips captured the devastation of the storm. Despite the limited narration, the video clips validated the fear that surrounded the storm. The clips also highlighted the significant subsequent destruction of personal and public property.