Amateur Video and Today’s News

The quality of the video is lackluster for a video to be posted on media, without professional cameras, but for an average civilian (which is what the angle leads you to believe) it is pretty good. However, with that being said there is a high possibility this was done with a definite purpose in mind. It could very well be a play on an emotional connection to the community by putting the reporter in the seat of a shocked civilian. Yet, if this was not the intention, then it is just poor quality for news. The Media would not use this type of material when it came to a large-scale event simply because it does not capture multiple views-meaning it will not capture the entire event. Usually when there is a fire you have a high-quality camera from far way filming the entire area or a helicopter view. This only shows a portion of the possible damage that could be occurring. However, I will say the angle tells a story in its own way. You can tell by the way it was filmed that this person wasn’t a civilian (the lack of speech and shock, and the purposeful movements) and that worked well with the position of a civilian. If the video was meant to be symbolic of devastation on a community, this would be a wonderful piece. Otherwise, it may not have much use other than being an accompaniment to another video to get another perspective of the event.