Amateur Video and Today’s News

The quality of the video was pretty good considering it was taken by a civilian (it had to be) and it managed to capture the event as it was happening. The citizen’s purpose for recording this event was to document it in a sort of way for future sharing, whether that be with the news or social media. The content of the video is newsworthy, despite the inexperience of the video being taken. Due to thee was no way a professional team could have filmed this, the civilian filming it was the next best thing. It was clear cut and to the point and hit all the marks a reporter would, however, the audio was a bit indistinguishable due to the quality on the smartphone’s microphone. This shortcoming may leave some of the experience unrelatable on some viewers, which is the opposite of a news report, but it is what it is. I will say this video was different from most “amateur videos” because even though the civilians were in a state of emergency, and they’re very well could have been panic, the civilian kept calm and filmed anyway in a way that did not hinder the conveying of the story. You do not find that within amateur filming often.