Amateur Video and Today’s News

The quality of the video was very good, even in the areas where regular citizens were filming it was good. However, there wasn’t a single role within the video, due to it was a mashup of the event itself and the response. The entire purpose of the video was to educate and inform on the event, probably to reduce panic, however. It is good enough to be used on the news or in official media with all the elements combined. If it was just the footage of the meteor from the citizens, I would say no, because in some you honestly couldn’t tell what was going on unless you already had some basic information about what you were watching. It also helped that with so many snippets, you got different perspectives of the event, really covering what was happening enough for it to be deemed a report. But because it had official narration expanding on the event and video of legal officials responding to the event, it worked out pretty well. I say it worked out very well with the way it was formatted, and even in the order, the snippets were played. It definitely gave off the symbol of fear as that country and its citizens experienced something so unorthodox and phenomenal.